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Call Center Outsourcing Services

For complete outsourcing services from a call center you can trust, choose The RightShore Group. Our knowledgeable and experienced team members work closely with you to develop a strong passion for your company.

Becoming Your Brand

A critical element of our employee engagement strategy is to provide our frontline staff the opportunity to immerse themselves in your company’s brand. We insist our clients invest their time and energy to expose our frontline team members to their unique culture and brand attributes so they can share that passion in each and every customer interaction. With this foundation, we support a wide range of customer engagement programs, including:

• Sales
• Help Desk
• Back Office Support
• Technical Support
• Receivables
• Customer Service


Giving You the Attention You Deserve

As the call center BPO industry continues to consolidate, Tier I BPO providers are becoming more and more selective on the size and scope of program they are willing to support. Let’s face it—who wants to be a small fish in a big pond?

The members of our network give your program the attention it deserves. From tens to hundreds of seats, your program will attract our best resources and focused commitment from local senior management. 

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Talented Frontline Staff

At The RightShore Group, our tremendously talented frontline staff is the most important assets we have. Our commitment to their happiness, well-being, and personal development is our singular unwavering focus. When we put employees first, the returns for us and your brand are tremendous. Our happy, engaged, and committed employees provide the absolute best customer experience.

To be a member of our network, each center must illustrate a commitment and focus on employee and community engagement. Our group members must achieve employee satisfaction scores in the 75th percentile for SurveyMonkey®’s SHRM global benchmark data.

Contact us for call center outsourcing services that give your program the attention it deserves.